How to Login

In order to login to SmartShopper, you must have your Anthem Member ID. Your username to login to SmartShopper is the same as your Anthem Member ID but without the 3-letter prefix of your ID. For example, if your Anthem Member ID is YGG0123456789, your SmartShopper username is 0123456789. Additionally, your password is a combination of the year of your birth of the health plan subscriber and your home zip code. For example, if you were born in 1972 and your zip code is 03102, your SmartShopper password is 197203102.

Please note, the login information above pertains to subscribers only. If you are the spouse or other family member of the insured subscriber, please use his or her information to login.

If you have any difficulties logging in to SmartShopper, please call us at 800-824-9127 or email us.