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About Us

Our Team

At the core of Compass Healthcare Advisers is our dedicated team of Health Cost Advisers, real people with real experience to help you navigate the extremely complex healthcare system. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of healthcare, from working in provider offices assisting in the delivery of care to years working within the insurance industry. Compass leverages this experience to offer a unique solution in the marketplace, a proven program with proven results that allows our members to proactively shop their healthcare services and receive a financial reward by making smarter healthcare decisions by accessing care at high-quality, more cost-effective options in their area. Getting engaged and earning an incentive is only a phone call away. To speak with one of our Health Cost Advisers please call 800-824-9127.

Our Clients

Compass is helping the employees and employers shop for the most cost-effective locations for medical procedures in their area. Hundreds of companies are taking advantage of our proven SmartShopper program to reduce healthcare costs. We are proud to provide to serve employers across a number of industries: state agencies, municipalities and town governments, school districts, auto dealerships, financial institutions, non-profit organizations. If you are paying too much for healthcare, you would benefit from the SmartShopper program.

Our Company

Compass Healthcare Advisers was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping our clients save money on the cost of health insurance. Health insurance costs are too high and we are here to help. Through our Compass SmartShopper program, we give employees a tool to get engaged in their healthcare decisions. Through our personalized program design and independent Health Cost Advisers, we empower employees to make more cost-effective choices for the care they need and help to lower the overall cost of healthcare which benefits both employers and employees alike.

Our Partners

The SmartShopper program is the exclusive brand name for the Compass program offered to employers through various Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans across the country. Compass is pleased to be working with the most recognized and trusted brand in healthcare. Through this arrangement, Compass is able to offer the Compass SmartShopper program to help Anthem’s clients lower their healthcare costs.

"It's a great program and easy to use. If I can make $50 in minutes and my employer saves money (protecting my future health benefit) at the same time, why wouldn't I take advantage of it? And why wouldn't you?"
- Lisa