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Compass is a free,binary option voluntary service offered by your employer that
provides cost information for healthcare facilities in your area. By using a
more cost-effective facility for common medical procedures and
diagnostic tests, you can help your employer avoid higher claims
costs…and those savings are shared back to you through
financial incentive rewards.

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Your doctor recommends that you receive a medical procedure or diagnostic test that is included in the list of services offered by Compass.
Compass will provide information on cost-effective providers in your area that qualify for financial incentives.
Receive your service invest wait and earn philippines at a cost-effective provider identified by Compass and you will receive a check in the mail.
  • Participation is virtual trading platform philippines completely voluntary, confidential and hassle-free
  • Rewards cost-effective choices
  • Motivates employees through cash incentives
  • Employees are free to choose any doctor
  • There is no limit to incentives, the more you use the service the more you are rewarded
  • Focuses on high-volume, elective procedures
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12.30.2013 Compass Welcomes New Clients - Welcome to Community College System of NH, Mutual Bank and City of Kokomo.
3.23.2014 CompassRx Program Saves Over $7K Per Interaction - With Specialty drug costs and utilization on the rise, Compass delivers significant cost savings to help make healthcare more affordable.